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  • Pilots Strike Called At Finnair
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:11 PM on Nov 14, 2009

    Finnair's efforts to avert a major labor dispute with its unions essentially failed. The Finnish Air Line Pilots' Association has walked away from labor talks and called for a strike, starting Monday.
    The pilots said no to a the plan put forward by Esa Lonka, the state appointed mediator.
    "We are totally stunned," says Anssi Komulainen, Finnair senior vice president for human resources. The airline says the union for the third time in 18 months has rejected a settlement proposal.
    Finnair says it's not just travelers that get hurt. Finnair had slowly but surely negotiated new contract terms with a range of other unions in its bid to generate savings. Those are now erased as a result of the pilots' action, the airline charges.
    "Now we are forced to come up with totally new solutions in order to secure the future of the company," says Komulainen.
    The news comes just days after Finnair named Mika Vehvilainen its new replacing, Jukka Hienonen, who is leaving in part because of an inability to get labor to broadly sign up to changes he deemed critical

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