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  • FAA Shutdown - Stop Work Orders List
    Posted by Rupa Haria 1:55 PM on Jul 25, 2011

    While the U.S. aviation industry waits for Congress to reauthorize the FAA as soon as possible, here's a list of projects that have been issued Stop Work orders. 


    Name of the Contractor

    Project Location(s)

    Type of Work

    Value of the Contract

    Jacobs Engineering

    California, Oregon, Texas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, D.C., Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia

    Architect & engineering, construction for en route centers and combined en route and approach facilities


    Reliant Contractors

    Greenville, MS

    Construction of remote communications air-ground facility


    Flintco, Inc.

    Gulf Port, MS

    Tower construction


    Daniel J. Keating Co.

    Wilkes Barre, PA

    Tower construction


    Paul J. Scariano Inc

    New York

    Demolition of LGA tower


    Sheckler Contracting, Inc.

    Leesburg, VA

    Roof replacement at en route center


    Nationwide Construction Group

    PA, NY

    Construction, physical security


    M&M Enterprises

    Dulles, VA

    Fence construction


    Jones Morgan Inc

    Rochester, NY



    Boykin Contracting Inc

    Greenwood, MS



    KOBO Utility & Electric

    Hyannis, MA

    Construction of Precision Approach Path Indicator lights


    Flintco, Inc.

    Memphis, TN

    Tower construction


    Patriot Electric Inc

    Providence, RI

    Fire alarm, construction


    Standard Builders Inc

    Memphis, TN




    Warrenton, VA

    Construction of new Command Center


    6K Systems Inc.

    Burlington, MA

    Computer services


    Chappy Corp.

    Baltimore, MD

    Site preparation for installation of BWI ASDE-X


    AKAL Security Inc.

    Baltimore, MD



    Limbach Co. Inc.

    Oakdale, PA

    Boiler, construction


    Construction and Service Solutions

    Rochester, NY

    Roof construction


    Peachtree Mechanical Inc


    Construction at Washington en route center


    Sheckler Contracting Inc.


    Construction at JFK tower


    S&E Services, Inc.

    Garden City, NY

    Construct a catwalk in NY TRACON


    Limbach Company LLC

    Pittsburg, PA

    Plumbing, construction


    CUSA Consulting Corp.

    Erie, PA

    Fire life safety, construction


    Postier & Jaeckle Inc.

    Rochester, NY



    Petersen-Dean Inc.

    Jacksonville FL

    Construction at Jacksonville en route center


    Marathon Electric Inc.

    Memphis, TN

    Construction at Memphis en route center


    Moulison North Corp.

    Portland, ME

    Electrical project


    Cornerstone Construction Services

    Lawrence, MA

    Roof construction


    Pine Tree Elevator

    Portland, ME

    Elevator project


    CGMC Building Corp.

    Poughkeepsie, NY & Danbury, CT

    Seismic upgrade


    Prow’ess Construction Corp.

    Lawrence, MA

    Facility modernization Construction


    Atlantic Defense Contractor

    Portland, ME

    Seismic upgrade


    Synthesis Inc.

    Ronkonkoma, NY

    Drain project


    McKercher Corp.

    Miami, FL

    Electric project, construction


    Synthesis Inc.

    Ronkonkoma, NY

    Construction upgrade


    CMGC Building Corp.

    Nashua, NH

    Mechanical room construction


    LVI Services

    New York, NY



    Security Construction Services

    Nashua, NH

    Construction, attic rehab.


    Peachtree Specialty Group

    Atlanta, GA

    Construction at Atlanta en route center


    Louis Berger & Associates

    New York

    Asbestos removal, construction


    TJB Air Conditioning and Heating

    19 Terminal Doppler Weather Radar facilities

    HVAC renovations


    Swinterton Builders

    Palm Springs, CA

    Construction of tower


    Devon Construction, Inc.

    Oakland, CA

    Construction of tower


    Cobalt Construct.

    Palmdale, CA

    Construction(86% complete), modernization of 2d floor of automation wing and control floor, attic


    Bara Infoware

    Sacramento, CA

    Replace roof and visitor entrance wall panels at Tracon


    E Corp

    Auburn, WA

    2d floor automation wing


    Ahtna Engineering Services LLC

    Bethel, AK

    Airport Approach and Runway Entrance Lights installation


    Archer Western Contractors

    Las Vegas, NV

    Construction of new tower



    Abilene, TX

    Construction of new tower



    Traverse City, MI

    Construction of new tower



    Kansas City, KS

    2nd floor modernization construction, attic at en route center



    Albuquerque, NM

    Construction build out at en route center



    Flint, MI

    Tower fire remediation


    Imperial Construction Weatherford TX

    Houston, TX

    Construction of replacement TRACON



    Chicago, IL

    Parking lot replacement at en route center



    Ft. Worth, TX

    Design and install guard shacks at east and west towers at Tracon



    Kalamazoo, MI

    Construct new tower




    Install new radio transmitter receiver



    Walnut Ridge, AR

    Install new Medium-Intensity Approach Lighting System for runway


    *Note: This list reflects projects in various stages of construction. The FAA will continue to update the list as more stop work orders are issued and more information becomes available.


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