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  • Singapore Girl Found Wandering
    Posted by Leithen Francis 9:57 AM on Apr 08, 2011

    Singapore Airlines recently launched a global TV brand campaign through its lead ad agency TBWA.

    The TV campaign is its first brand campaign in quite a long time and marks a return to the "Singapore Girl" brand campaigns of old. TBWA's effort was filmed in four overseas locations: San Francisco, Wu Zhen (China), Jaisalmer (India) and Paris. So it must have cost a bomb. But that said, if the campaign is effective, it is money well spent.

    Personally, I don't think this TVC works. It shows the Singapore Girl wandering the streets and seamlessly moving from one exotic setting to the next. In the 1990s, I spent seven years reporting on the advertising industry. Firstly in Australia and then in Southeast Asia. I think the creative team behind this TVC have fallen into the trap of thinking a new special effect or production technique is a new idea. It isn't. This campaign lacks of strong creative concept. And having polished production values isn't enough to refresh the campaign or the brand. The creative team needs to do better.

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