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  • Boeing 787 production line photo update
    Posted by Guy Norris 8:24 AM on Jan 27, 2012

    A view of the 787 final assembly line in Building 40-26 at Everett this week shows aircraft nearing completion for United Airlines and ANA. In position four, nearest the south-facing door, is United’s third 787, (Line Number) LN52.

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    As an interesting study in contrasts, and to show the progress being made in getting the line up to speed, below is an early ANA aircraft (LN13), pictured in the same position in early March 2010. Although flying surfaces, Section 41, tailcone and rudder have already received epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoats, the bulk of the fuselage has yet to be treated. Large sub-assemblies now arrive at Everett in a fully completed state.

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    Further back down the line, in position number three, is United’s fourth 787, LN53. The next in line, United’s fifth aircraft (LN55), is immediately behind in position two. The missing aircraft in the sequence, LN54 for Air India, is the second aircraft now in assembly at Boeing’s second 787 production site in Charleston.


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    ..and here is a closer view.

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    All the way to the north end of 40-26, just visible behind the ANA aircraft at position one in the ‘MOATT’ (Mother of All Tooling Towers – but officially the HVA – horizontal stabilizer/vertical fin/APU installation tool), is the newest arrival in position zero. This is believed to be LN57, the first 787 for Qatar Airways.

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