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  • Southwest-AirTran Fleet Integration
    Posted by Frank Jackman 3:58 PM on Apr 14, 2011

    Merging Southwest and AirTran don't expect to start painting any of AirTran's aircraft in Southwest livery until around the time the two carriers achieve a single operating certificate,the target date for which is the first quarter 2012. Brian Hirshman, VP of maintenance and engineering, said at MRO Americas (#MROAM) that one of the biggest challenges facing the two carriers is integrating AirTran's dual class/assigned seating with Southwest's single class/open seating model. He said that integration has become of one of the primary constraints in how they put the two companies together because it impacts so many processes, such as weight and balance, seat maps, IT and appropriate gate locations.
    Until the converstion process starts, AirTran will continue to perate as its own unit. As the aircraft are converted, the AirTran fleet will get smaller and the Southwest fleet will get larger.
    The target date for full integration of the two carriers is 2014.

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