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  • SkyTeam's New Look
    Posted by Robert Wall 5:18 PM on Apr 01, 2009

    The SkyTeam alliance has rolled out its new livery. The airline group announced plans last year to come up with the new branding.

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    The inaugural flight was a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanto to Milan – an interesting selection given Lufthansa, one of the anchors of the Star Alliance, has just set up shop there.

    Tee livery was designed by Brandimage-Desgrippes & Laga.

    For those who are design challenged like myself, let me just quote what SkyTeam says about the new design:

    The SkyTeam livery blueprint was inspired by the logo, which aims to express the ideals of both strength and service through a ribbon graphic.  The design includes these features:

    ·               The dark blue SkyTeam logo on the tail fin

    ·               The blue SkyTeam ribbon wrapped around the rear section of the fuselage, which is a silver color

    ·               The SkyTeam name in large, dark blue letters along the front side of the fuselage

    ·               The name of the carrier placed below the SkyTeam name on the front section of the aircraft fuselage.

    SkyTeam also announced a new organization and plans to collocate at London Heathrow’s Termianl 4. The facility should be completed in November.

    Leo van Wijk, chairman of the SkyTeam Governing Board, has ensured the organization will be based in his home country, with Amsterdam to serve as the base. The central organization will be handling “marketing, sales, airport synergies and transfer product, cargo, advertising and brand, alliance operations, finance, corporate communications and alliance administration.”

    [Photo: SkyTeam]

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