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  • London's business airport
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 11:00 AM on Oct 06, 2009

    The best place to get a sense of the geographical advantages of London City airport is from an upper floor of one of the high-rise office buildings in the Docklands. While you can get a pretty good view of the London City runway from an east window, look out the west window and Heathrow is virtually invisible on the horizon.

    This is why LCY is much more convenient for business travelers working in either the City or Docklands, and why British Airways decided to start a transatlantic flight from the airport.


    Including a 45-minute refueling stop at Shannon, the flight time of an Airbus A318 on the LCY-JFK route is two hours longer than a Boeing 747-400 flight from Heathrow to JFK. However, BA figures business travelers will more than make up the difference through a shorter commute to LCY, and a much later check-in deadline. Customs and immigration pre-clearance in Shannon also streamlines the trip.

     Pictured below is the view of the LCY runway, which is built beside the old King George V dock. The runway is above and to the left of the yellow girders on the Millenium Dome, and you can also see an aircraft that has just taken off. Pictured bottom is the interior of the relatively empty main terminal at LCY around noon – even at rush hours it is not too crowded.
    blog post photo

    blog post photo
    Pictures: Adrian Schofield.

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