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  • Uncontained engine failure on 747 photos
    Posted by Guy Norris 7:57 PM on Oct 31, 2011

    Photos have emerged of an uncontained engine failure suffered by a Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 last week en-route from Detroit to Tokyo’s Narita airport in Japan.

    The engine failure, which occurred to N661US on Oct 23, took place as the Pratt & Whitney PW4056-powered aircraft was climbing through 5,000 ft.

    The crew heard a large compressor stall and muffled explosion followed by the immediate rollback of engine number two. The engine fire light then illuminated and, with this still indicating at idle power setting, the crew activated the fire bottle.

    Having successfully extinguished the fire, the crew executed a text book fuel dump procedure after deciding against an over-weight landing. On return to Detroit post-flight inspections revealed severe damage to the engine and wing with large holes noted in the cowling as well as damage to slats, flaps and aileron.

    As an indication of the violence of the failure, witnesses also say the engine was askew on the pylon. Investigations continue into the cause of the engine failure.

    blog post photo

    Punctures in the engine casing indicate a high energy failure condition, possibly in the high-pressure compressor.

    blog post photo

    Severe outlet guide vane and stator damage in the exhaust.

    blog post photo

    Signs of scorching and puncture damage is evident in the accessories.

    The incident aircraft is one of 16 repainted ex-Northwest 747s acquired by Delta. 

    (Thanks to Flightblogger for update on a/c identity)

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