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  • Is the Airbus A320NEO the 'Best Selling' Commercial Airplane?
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:43 AM on Apr 07, 2011

    Airbus chief salesman says the A320NEO is the best selling aircraft in aviation history.

    It's a claim that will engender a lot of debate. For one, so far hardly any of the NEO commitments are actual orders, although that may soon change.

    Another question is whether the NEO really counts as a new program or whether, as a mere upgrade, it should even be allowed to go up against the 787 or A350 when it comes to the "best selling" bragging rights game. 

    That said, the NEO market uptake does raise some startling numbers.

    One of them is that Airbus could secure around 600 orders in less than a year. Compare that with the A320; the business case for the entire project was predicated on selling 600 aircraft.

    The other interesting figure is that Leahy says NEOs could be in production until around 2030 and that between now and then he expects around 6,000 of the reengined aircraft to be sold. That is roughly as many as regular A320 family aircraft have been sold to date (Airbus had secured 6,925 orders for its single-aisle family through March 31).

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