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  • How To Repair A Dreamliner...Part 1
    Posted by Tony Osborne 7:17 PM on Oct 15, 2013

    Work to potentially return Ethiopian Airlines’ stranded Boeing 787 to service appear to have got underway at London’s Heathrow Airport.

    Although the cause of the July 12 incident has not yet been disclosed by U.K. air accident investigators, contractors have begun assembling scaffolding frames around the aircraft in preparation for work on the aircraft which was damaged by fire hours before it was due to leave for Addis Ababa.

    It is expected that Boeing will undertake a large scale repair on the composite structure at the rear of the aircraft, a project that will probably require the aircraft to be sheltered, particularly with the British winter fast approaching.

    blog post photo

    Photo: Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit

    As can be seen in the photo, which has been kindly provided by the Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit, the work underway is considerable. The aircraft is currently parked in what is known as “Cargo Cul-de-sac” The aircraft is also likely to face a hefty parking charge thanks to its lengthened stay at Heathrow.

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