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  • Shocked: U.K. Ticket vs Tax
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 12:16 PM on Nov 08, 2012

    I have heard U.K. airlines complain about the costs of taxes, which continually seem to go up, but I was shocked to see the cold, hard reality.

    A coworker in the U.K. sent me her itinerary for an upcoming trip from London to Dubai. The fare is GBP 265, which seems very reasonable. BUT, the taxes and fees are GBP 325.99! Yes, the TAXES are higher than the base fare. So, 55% of the ticket price goes to taxes.

    Keep in mind the emissions trading scheme taxes haven’t kicked in yet. You can only presume that airlines will pass this cost onto passengers. (I would if I ran an airline.)

    Just to compare, a recent U.S. domestic trip I took cost $297.77 (ticket base fare) and $33.13 taxes.

    For an international trip (not through the U.K.) 9,600 miles away, my ticket fare was $1,148 and taxes were $424. Taxes are higher on this longer trip and climb to 27% of the total, but they still pale in comparison.

    Could these taxes hinder U.K. airlines?

    I now better understand their argument after seeing the hard numbers.

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