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  • Live TV in the Air -- the Telltale Sign
    Posted by Nigel Howarth 9:07 AM on Apr 26, 2013

    Ever wondered what that little hump was on top of the airliner you are flying on ? LiveTV of Florida have installed systems on hundreds of United, Jetblue, Frontier and Southwest aircraft (amongst others) and the resulting 'hump' atop the fuselage towards the tail is very distinctive. Over recent year,s many Jetblue and Frontier Airbuses have been delivered straight from Europe to the Orlando International Airport facility, where the LiveTV system is installed before the aircraft enters service. Southwest charge only $5 to use the service, which, when compared to the price of a small drink on board these days, seems a good value. In the picture below, the telltale hump is easily visible.

    Photo: Nigel Howarth, Baltimore 4/13/13.

    Tags: TW99, Boeing, 737, LiveTV, Southwest

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