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  • Aviation Week's Eco-Jet - on Video
    Posted by Graham Warwick 2:31 PM on Sep 27, 2011

    Looking for a cover image for Aviation Week & Space Technology's Paris air show special issue earlier this year, we wanted something that would be unique, dramatic and convey visually the direction of European research into fuel-efficient, low-emission airliners. We approached Henry Lam at 3D visualization specialist Kaktus Digital, and were more than pleased with the result:

    blog post photo
    Graphic: Aviation Week

    Our design was the melding of a couple of Airbus patents, with tweaks from myself and my colleagues Guy Norris and Robert Wall. Well it seems Kaktus Digital liked our concept for a future airliner so much, they went ahead a produced a short video animation. Here it is, and thanks for the credit, guys.

    Video: Kaktus Digital

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