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  • On board the new 787-9
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 1:44 PM on Jan 09, 2014

    A handful of journalists were fortunate enough to get a first-hand look inside Boeing’s new 787-9, as one of the three test and certification aircraft stopped in Auckland over the weekend. The flight from Seattle was the longest yet for the -9 certification program, and the aircraft also continued to Alice Springs, Australia, to conduct hot weather testing.

    The Auckland visit was a big deal for Air New Zealand, which will be the first to take delivery of the -9 in July. Staff who are about to begin training for the 787 were able to examine the aircraft, and the airline got to see what it will be getting soon – albeit four years later than originally planned.

    The -9 is a visually impressive aircraft, being longer than the earlier -8 model. One executive present noted that -9’s lines look more proportional than those of the -8 version. Another jokingly said that after seeing the -9, he would never be able to look at a -8 the same way again.

    Here is the -9 in one of the hangars at Air New Zealand’s technical operations center at Auckland Airport (all pictures by Adrian Schofield/Aviation Week. Follow me on twitter @avweekscho).

    blog post photo

    Below is a shot of the racks of test equipment inside the aircraft, and some of the Boeing engineers that traveled with the aircraft.

    blog post photo

    This is the inside of the -9s cockpit. Pictured below is Boeing pilot Daniel Boorman, part of the crew that flew ZB002 to Auckland. 

    blog post photo

    Here is one of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines on ZB002, with covers lifted so Air New Zealand engineers could examine it.

    blog post photo

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