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  • Phoenix Heliparts Appeals
    Posted by Elyse Moody 5:48 PM on Sep 10, 2010

    Yesterday the FAA issued an emergency revocation of Phoenix Heliparts' Part 145 repair station certificate because of maintenance technician and record-keeping lapses that inspectors from the Scottsdale FSDO uncovered in 2008.

    You can read FAA's statement on the findings here for more specifics, but the charges range from falsifying maintenance records to use of unauthorized parts.

    The company, however, did not see the revocation coming.

    President Tina Cannon says that since she became head of the company, it has worked under council guidance to address concerns stemming from the 2008 events, moved to a new location, and implemented a quality management system. It also received a new Part 145 certificate in July from the Scottsdale FSDO, which approved its new manuals.

    “We were caught completely flatfooted by this emergency revocation,” Cannon says Tina Cannon, who became president after the 2008 events took place. “It’s almost like one division [of the FAA] wasn’t talking to the other division.” AWIN subscribers can read more of my interview with Cannon and story by clicking here

    Cannon plans to appeal the revocation to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is in charge of the case because of its emergency nature.

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