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  • Eclipse 500 Operators, Read On...
    Posted by Sean Broderick 1:33 PM on Dec 28, 2011

    FAA's December Maintenance Alerts bulletin has an interesting entry on the Eclipse 500. Seems a repair station mechanic was inspecting an Eclipse 500 aileron joint assembly per Eclipse Alert Service Bulletin 500-27-004, Rev. B. Continued the mechanic:
    "This service bulletin has procedures for inspecting/testing both wing's aileron joint assemblies—and replacing the aileron joint assembly whenever the aileron fails a 'friction test.'  The assembly fails testing when the bell crank is corroded and frozen in the bearing of the fitting assembly.  The attached photo has this corroded/frozen condition.  This corrosion is due to dissimilar metals."
    The mechanic suggested that FAA mandate the bulletin via airworthiness directive "to prevent possible aileron malfunctions from (those aircraft) not complying with the service bulletin."

    Tags: om99, Eclipse, FAA

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