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  • Replace A340 Actuation System Doors
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 3:22 PM on Feb 05, 2010

    EASA hasn't issued an airworthiness directives for several days but it is making up for it today.

    One you should be aware of is a proposed airworthiness directive (10-016) to replace the Airbus A340's thrust reverser actuation system doors.

    EASA issued the proposed AD, which effects A340-200 and -300 aircraft, because the thrust reverser pivoting doors opened on two -200 aircraft during climb. "These events were the result of a primary lock malfunction and incorrect engagement of the secondary lock," says EASA.

    To prevent more door openings, EASA proposes requiring operators to install a "new modified primary lock and a new modified actuator on the 10 critical thrust reverser pivoting doors."

    If you want to comment on this proposed AD, please do so before March 10. Email comments to ADs@easa.europa.eu.

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    A340-200 photo credit: Airbus

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