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  • Bombardier Unveils New CSeries Flight Deck
    Posted by KristinMajcher 4:04 PM on Jun 23, 2011

    Bombardier’s new CSeries flight deck tour kind of makes me feel like a 10-year old kid with pinned-on wings stepping into an aircraft cockpit for the first time. Bombardier has has definitely had success at Le Bourget with this model announcing that it will deliver up to 30 of the jets to Korean Air earlier this week. @Bombardier_Aero tweeted that it is working with Rockwell Collins to design the concept for the aircraft, which is slated for delivery to customers in 2013.

    While the deal-making and number crunching is definitely interesting (Korean Air will be the first Asian carrier to choose the CSeries, putting Bombardier’s backlog of the aircraft to 123 firm orders and 119 options), it doesn’t hurt to let loose and check out the  360-degree view of this high-tech flight deck for a few minutes.

    Just fly on over to the flight deck and choose any of the letters to get more information about a specific component. Just hit that AutoThrottle, keep an eye on the head up display, and cue the “Take My Breath Away” soundtrack, Maverick.

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