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    Posted by Elyse Moody 8:27 PM on Feb 02, 2011

    The engine parameters that can be monitored via remote diagnostics have "grown substantially" with the introduction of new-generation engines. Today, GE Aviation's Tim Horvatich and Huntley Myrie demoed the OEM's current vision of real-time access via smart phone: the MyEngines group of applications suite.

    GE sees the apps as a new way to manage the huge amounts of data being downloaded from the airplane. As Myrie noted, GE monitored about 23,000 GE and CFM International engines last year to collect about 15 terabytes of data.

    Using MyEngines, the engine can "talk to its friends" while its in the shop, keeping them updated on its "status" in a way that's quite similar to sites such as Facebook. Vital stats populate the apps with each refresh.

    The GE products include five device-agnostic suites of 20 applications so far, ranging from overhaul to health to configuration to ops to material management.

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