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  • A Little Slow
    Posted by Frank Jackman 10:16 PM on Jul 14, 2008

    What do you call an airshow where there's not a big, ugly mob struggling to get into the show grounds on opening day? Usually, I'd call it Singapore, but after waltzing through the front gates here at Farnborough this morning, I'd call it a little slow. Huh? I arrived at the show site this morning around 8, fearful of what I might find at the entrance. I had intended to get out to the show earlier, but somehow I managed to buy four roundtrip train tickets for Monday instead one for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for ... etc., etc., and I had to straighten that out before getting on a train. To my delight, once I finally got to the show site, there wasn't any line at all. That, however, cannot be a comfort to the show organizers. Eavesdropping on train platform on the way back to London late this afternoon, I heard several people describe the first day of Farnborough 2008 as "little slow." Then, at an Embraer dinner this evening, Embraer President and CEO Frederico Curado described the first day as "A bit slow compared to where we were two years ago."

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