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  • Boeing Bejing Service Center Seeks To Bridge Gaps
    Posted by Sean Broderick 12:49 PM on Oct 11, 2011

    Boeing today cut the ribbon on a commercial aviation service center in Beijing, aimed squarely at providing better service not just to the region, but to China specifically.

    It's no secret that China is hotbed of commercial aviation growth, so at first glance, the move makes sense from a pure numbers perspective. However, as Boeing China President Marc Allen explained during a recent visit to Washington, D.C., the new service center is about bridging acknowledged gaps in the OEM's China customer service chain.

    "In China, we have an opportunity to go further," Allen told delegates at the USTDA's U.S./China Aviation Summit last month. "By localizing portions of the service center, we can optimize  and minimize communications breakdown. Language and culture can slow even non-technical exchanges."

    Putting a team on the ground in China that knows both the local customers and Boeing's world headquarters in Seattle will help streamline communications between the two locations, which in turn will deliver answers and solutions faster to the field, Allen said. "The goal is to develop solutions that Chinese customers need, when they need them," he explained.

    Allen noted that Boeing expects that lessons learned in China  "will help us become more proactive globally."

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