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  • Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump ADs Out
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 3:13 PM on Nov 24, 2010

    FAA just released two airworthiness directives related to fuel--one for Boeing 737-900ERs (2010-24-01) and one for Airbus A340-500s and -600s (2010-23-27).

    The A340 AD follows one EASA issued earlier to identify and correct faults with the aircraft's main fuel pumps. The FAA AD becomes effective Dec. 9.

    The 737-900ER AD take effect Dec. 29 and requires operators to inspect for a "keyway in two fuel tank access door cutouts." FAA says if a crack exists in this area and isn't found, structural failure of the wing could occur.

    There's never a dull moment for inspectors.

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