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  • Airline Call To Action #MROME
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 12:00 AM on Jan 22, 2013

    IATA's Maintenance Cost Task Force, which includes 40 airlines, created a separate group about a year ago to try to eliminate inefficiencies that often happen at the end of an aircraft or engine lease--specifically, at redelivery. 

    This new group, the Airline Leasing Task Force, is looking for more airlines to participate, says Tiymor Kalimat, manager of technical procurement at Royal Jordanian Airlines and chairman of the IATA Maintenance Task Force, which provides maintenance cost benchmarking and cost management tools.

    Some of the leasing group's activities include creating a standard base maintenance contract, which Kalimat hopes will be available this year; conducting a warranty survey for airlines in a few months; and introducing a maintenance reserve tool as part of the standardized cost capturing spreadsheet that already is available for airlines.

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