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  • Sneak Peek of #MROE Exhibition Hall
    Posted by KristinMajcher 10:20 PM on Sep 23, 2011

    Some of you attending #MROE may be wondering what the convention center looks like. Well, here's some information on the IFEMA Feria de Madrid, the complex that will be hosting thousands of people next week. I have never been there, but the place looks pretty spectacular! The center is about a 10 min. drive from the Barajas airport, at el Campo de las Naciones metro station.

    An explanation of this place will not do it justice. See what I mean?

    blog post photo

    Credit: Pablo Mesegar

    Wait, there's more! Check out this video to see how the facility is laid out.

    Buen viaje y ten un buen fin de semana.

    Tags: om11, MROE

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