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  • Aviation Safety Network: Air Safety In '09
    Posted by Sean Broderick 12:39 AM on Jan 01, 2010

    Aviation Safety Network released its summary of air safety in 2009. Find a presentation here and a press release here. Some nuggets:
    • In 2009 ASN recorded a total of 30 fatal multi-engine airliner accidents, resulting in 757 fatalities and 1 ground fatality.
    • The 1999-2008 ten-year average is a total of 32 fatal multi-engine airliner accidents, resulting in an average of 802 fatalities.
    • Five out of 30 accident airplanes were operated by airlines on the E.U. "black list" (as opposed to nine out of 26 in 2007 and three out of 32 in 2008).
    Thanks for another year of stellar work, Harro....

    Tags: om99, safety, accident, incident

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