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  • Paris Video: It's a Wrap!
    Posted by Elyse Moody 10:26 AM on Jun 23, 2011

    This week at the Paris air show, I've worked with a very talented team to put together a series of 13 onsite videos. (Some of these are yet to come! Patientez J). You can check them out on our Paris page or find them archived on our video page.


    With Rupa Haria (@AvWeekRupa) spearheading Av Week's online efforts, we put together a very skilled team. I scheduled interviews, wrote scripts and recorded voiceovers. (A new thing for me…) Two freelancers, Neil Pollock (videographer -- see his website here) and Matthew Share (sound -- find him here), spent more than a week running around the show in a golf cart, catching aerial performances and other footage on the fly. And McGraw-Hill's very talented, London-based video editing team (Ben Cooke, John Angless, and Laura Henry) put all of the elements together into lovely packages.


    The highlight I'll remember is waiting for the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental to make its landing on Sunday morning. We left our Left Bank hotel for the RER to Le Bourget at around 7am and made our way to the Boeing media chalet. From there, we bussed out to the runway. We waited. And waited. The airplane was a bit late, and it was more than a bit cold. I have never been so cold in June! I was so cold that a Gendarmerie officer gave me his jacket.


    Here's the group of journalists, all lined up and waiting.

    blog post photo

    And here's the airplane coming in!

    blog post photo


    But it was worth it. Our video of the 747-8i landing has garnered 42,000 hits on YouTube -- and that number is growing.


    We've taken a different approach to video, focusing on big themes -- from missiles to green aircraft -- and specific programs. You'll see comprehensive features on major newcomers like the 747-8i as well as lesser known aircraft, like the Beriev BE-200.

    Let me know what you think! Your feedback helps us do what we do better.

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