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  • Parked Aircraft Figures
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 1:15 PM on Sep 24, 2009

    Older aircraft and engines require more maintenance, so obviously the aging fleet provides lots of opportunities for the MRO industry. 

    In a session here at MRO Europe today, Joe Platzner, director environmental strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said about 2,200 aircraft are parked. This is less than after Sept. 11.

    Alain Marechal, head of A300/A310 program product support for Airbus,  said 20% of that aircraft family is parked. Since August, he said he's more optimistic that more of the A300/A310 fleet will fly, and he predicts some of those aircraft will even fly until 2050.

    Platzner also predicted 12,200 commercial aircraft in the global fleet will be replaced by 2028, so combined with the 16,800 new aircraft, 29,000 new aircraft should be in the market by 2028.

    He thinks the aircraft age at retirement over the next two decades will flatten out, to 20-25 years for passenger aircraft and to around 35 years for cargo aircraft.

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