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  • A Third Supplier Of Pitot Tubes For Airbus Aircraft
    Posted by Sean Broderick 4:49 PM on Aug 04, 2009

    Aero-Instruments, an Ohio-based air data sensor manufacturer, has received FAA PMA approval for its pitot tubes designed for Airbus aircraft--including the A330. From the company's release on the move:

    In granting Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for the Aero-Instruments 0851HL-AI Pitot Probe, the FAA concluded that the part meets or exceeds the agreed upon certification plan, which was based on the requirements of TSO C-16A, including the icing requirements outlined in SAE AS393, AS8006, and BS2G.135.

    Some 18 months of testing went into the approval, and the timing of FAA's decision couldn't be better for Aero-Instruments. Several hundred Airbus aircraft will likely face mandatory swaps of Thales-made pitot probes soon, courtesy of an airworthiness directive being finalized by EASA that will almost certainly be adopted by FAA and other regulatory bodies. The directive is related to the investigation into the crash of Air France 447--an A330.

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