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  • TSA: 30 More Days For Comments On Security Rule
    Posted by Sean Broderick 2:03 AM on Dec 31, 2009

    TSA Tuesday granted--"in part"--industry requests to extend the comment period on its repair station security proposal. Industry now has 30 more days, or until February 19, 2010, to provide feedback on the NPRM.

    IATA and PAMA were cited as commenters who wanted 60 more days, or a doubling of the comment period (though others expressed similar sentiments). TSA's logic for granting the partial extension is, well, interesting. From the extension notice:
    TSA believes that public awareness of the proposed Aircraft Repair Station Security rulemaking, which began in February 2004 with a public meeting and comment period, has allowed sufficient time for industry consideration.
    While the rulemaking outreach may have started five years ago, the NPRM itself wasn't published until last month. Perhaps TSA expected industry to have been pondering the NPRM's contents--and their ramifications--for the four-plus years leading up to the draft rule's release?

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