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  • BASA Done, TIPs Next
    Posted by Sean Broderick 5:38 PM on Mar 27, 2011

    The U.S. and the European Union completed their long-awaited bilateral aviation safety agreement (BASA) earlier this month. Next up: hammering out the technical implementation procedures that will provide guidance on how to the agreement will function in many key areas.

    The BASA goes into effect May 1, but industry sources with knowledge of the process tell TAT that the TIPs probably won't be in place until mid-May at the earliest. The TIPs will get done, however, and the much-lauded agreement will help streamline certification efforts by reducing redundancy in regulatory oversight.

    Here's a .PDF version of the full BASA.

    Meanwhile, ARSA has extended to April 15 its survey deadline related to BASAs and their value. Says the association: "ALL repair stations, regardless of location or ARSA membership, that serve foreign customers under its domestic certificate or that hold a foreign certificate should participate."

    Here's a link to the ARSA survey, which is an Excel workbook.

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