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  • What's Next for FAA Reauthorization Bill
    Posted by Elyse Moody 6:40 PM on Jun 01, 2009

    Upcoming events on the U.S. Senate's Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation include two this month that will examine the FAA's role in aviation safety--and aviation safety in general.

    On June 10, the committee will hold a hearing entitled "Aviation Safety: FAA's Role in the Oversight of Air Carriers." You can check for updates or add it to your calendar here, on the committee's website. Also check back on this space for updates.

    Later this month, on June 17, a second hearing, "Aviation Safety: The Role and Responsibility of Commercial Air Carriers and Employees," will follow. 

    H.R. 915, otherwise known as the FAA Reauthorization Bill of 2009, passed the U.S. House of Representatives on May 21. The next step is approval by the Senate.

    Look for these hearings, especially the earlier one, to exhume the foreign repair station inspection issues and other sticking points that surfaced in hearings held by the House. And, watch this space for updates!

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