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  • Aviation Safety Bill: Another Mess From The Hill
    Posted by Sean Broderick 2:46 AM on Jul 30, 2009

    H.R. 3371, The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009, introduced earlier today by the self-proclaimed "Big 4" of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is sure to raise a few hackles at FAA and elsewhere.

    Details of the bill aren't out yet, but folks that have seen the text of the legislation report that it has some woefully unrealistic deadlines. For instance, the lawmakers want a flight and duty time NPRM in 30 days (!) and a final rule in 12 months.

    They also want a Part 121 Safety Management System (SMS) NPRM in 90 days, and a final rule in 24 months -- this despite the fact that FAA is well on its way to developing an SMS rule, and in fact recently issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to it.

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