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  • ARSA's Call to Arms for Repair Stations
    Posted by KristinMajcher 5:35 PM on Aug 03, 2011

    The Alexandria, Va.-based Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) has a tendency to be vocal about any legislative issue that affects the aftermarket. But the ongoing Federal Aviation Administration furlough of 4,000 workers and stop-work orders for more than 200 projects is prompting the group to go one step further than the standard press release in expressing its discontent about the issue.

    ARSA made a statement on Monday about the shutdown, calling Congress out on leaving the FAA extension at a stalemate after agreeing on the debt ceiling deal Sunday night. As Aviation Week’s congressional reporter Jen DiMascio wrote today, the agency’s shutdown will stretch into Sept. now that Senate lawmakers have left Capitol Hill for their summer recess. ARSA's animosity for the state of affairs seems to target all corners of the political spectrum equally.

     “The impasse over FAA reauthorization is a result of bipartisan, congressional malpractice,” said ARSA in an Aug. 1 statement posted on its web site, one day before the senators hit the road. “Democrats and Republicans, from both chambers, have refused to stop bickering and expounding parochial interests to maintain the safest aviation system in the world.”

    Although Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood pleaded with members to pass a House-approved bill to fund the agency until Sept. 16, that didn’t happen. The current state of the issue? A skirmish between Democrats and Republicans about who is responsible for the stalled legislation rather than action.

    ARSA wants to see what the FAA shutdown means beyond the beltway, so the association posted a survey on its website for repair stations regarding the shutdown. In the anonymous four-question survey, ARSA asks repair stations to speak up if the failure to extend the FAA funding bill has negatively impacted their work. It asks:

    • Has the FAA shutdown had a negative impact on your company?
    • Has the FAA shutdown had a negative impact on any of your customers or suppliers?
    • The FAA shutdown is expected to last until at least after Labor Day. Do you expect theshutdown to have a negative impact on your company going forward?
    • Is your company a Part-145 certified repair station?

    Check out ARSA’s survey here. In the meantime, tell us: Is the FAA shutdown visible to your maintenance operation? If so, what are your top concerns?

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