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  • EASA A330/A340 Pitot Probe Swap AD Out
    Posted by Sean Broderick 3:06 PM on Aug 31, 2009

    EASA has issued its airworthiness directive requiring Airbus A330 and A340 opeartors to remove older Thales pitot tubes from their aircraft and ensure at least two Goodrich tubes are installed.

    The directive, triggered by data gleaned from the probe of the June 1 crash of Air France Flight 447, notes that recent wind-tunnel tests on the newer Thales tube (P/N C16195BA) "are consistent with the qualification data of the probe and have not identified any safety issue regarding the probe behaviour within the icing envelope as defined in the appendix C of Certification Specification (CS) 25."

    However, the new tube model, developed for the A320 family and made available as a replacement on the higher-flying Airbus widebodies, "has not yet demonstrated the same level of robustness to withstand high-altitude ice crystals" as the Goodrich option. Hence, the call for each A330 and A340 to have at least two Goodrich probes installed.

    Access a .PDF of the directive here.


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