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  • 767, A310 ADs Effective May 31
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 8:51 AM on Apr 26, 2012

    The FAA issued a few airworthiness directives this morning, including 2012-08-14 for Boeing 767 due to cracks in the upper wing skin at a fastener hole. Cracks at this fastener hole could cause a strut and engine to separate inflight, which clearly would be a very bad situation!

    FAA estimates it will cost about $28,836 per aircraft to fix this problem.

    AD 2012-08-12, also effective May 31, requires Airbus A310 operators to inspect and correct chafing problems with hydraulic pressure hoses and electrical wiring. The AD was prompted by an incident of "an electrical arc and hydraulic haze in the wheel bay of the left-hand main landing gear," says FAA. Costs to comply with this AD are much less: about $370 per aircraft.

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