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  • Teardown Report #38: Massive #MROAM
    Posted by KristinMajcher 4:18 PM on Apr 06, 2012

    Hello readers! Welcome to the post #MROAM version of the Teardown Report. I’m very ecstatic we have the metrics from the MRO Americas social media activity this year, and they are quite impressive.

     I also want to direct you to the list of stories and blogs that our hard working reporters put together for this year’s event so that we can recap all of the news. You can find a complete list of blogs and stories at our MRO channel and MROAM microsite.

    Before we get into the numbers, have a look at these event photos. We are still waiting on final attendance numbers, but the tornado evacuation that caused all of us to go down to the basement makes it clear that there was a great number of people.

    blog post photoIn the basement of the Dallas Convention Center during the tornado evacuation.

    blog post photoExhibition Hall at MRO Americas 2012 in Dallas

    After looking at the numbers, it is clear that this year’s social media presence knocked last year’s out of the water. We had a twitter wall outside the registration area that seemed to be filling up and there were way more iPads floating around than usual. So, without further ado, here are the statistics. Thanks to TweetReach for offering a great service to really drill down into the data of a hashtag.

    According to the TweetReach report, here are the tweets we have received SO FAR. There is still activity on the tag, so this will probably increase, but this gives a good picture of activity that happened during the four days of the conference.

    The #MROAM tag reached 1,443,387 accounts. That’s almost 1.5 million! I had to pinch myself when I read that.

    The tweets left 4,091,698 impressions—or the total number of times that tweets were delivered to timelines through retweets, mentions, etc. @SouthwestAir contributed to many of the impressions, with 1.3 million.

    There were 1,238 tweets

    There were 239 contributors

    Calculated over the course of 7 days.

    So, I’m sure all of you want to know—who were the “power” tweeters? TweetReach calculates the top contributors based on impressions. Here are the top 5 tweeters with the most impressions:

    1. @SouthwestAir
    2. @AviationWeek
    3. @GEAviation
    4. @Flightblogger
    5. @AvWeekRupa

    We do appreciate all of your tweets, but fret not if you did not end up on the shortlist. Anyone who contributed just one tweet can be considered an honorable mention, as we really appreciate your conversation. Here are some other active tweeters who engaged with us at #MROAM, out of the 239 who contributed:





























    And, of course, our other tweeters at AvWeek: @AvWeekEvents, @AvWeekMRO, @AWyss, @ThingsWithWings, @AvWeekHelen, @AvWeekJoe

    There were no shortage of interesting topics to talk about, but not all of them were just conference related. The tornadoes that blew through the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex caused a lot of conversation on the site. Here were the most retweeted tweets:

    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    And here are some of my favorite news tweets: 

    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    Not only were we tweeting, but Aviation Week also posted lots of photos on our facebook page. Check it out here, and please share your own with us!

    So, thanks to everyone who tweeted, came to the Dallas and followed our blogs and stories. We really appreciate your feedback.

    blog post photo

    Signing off from Dallas,


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