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  • Views on Emissions Trading Scheme
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 11:01 PM on Oct 10, 2012

    KLM COO Piete Elbers thinks that the aviation industry should address emissions on a global basis through a body like IATA. "This is a worldwide issue and needs a worldwide system--not a regional solution" like the European emissions trading scheme.

    While ETS's intention is good, it seems that European carriers are paying fees that really aren't fair. And given that airlines in the region as a whole have logged some of the lowest margins in the world since 2009, the timing of extra fees isn't good.

    Elbers says KLM typically pays about €4 in ETS fees per short-haul flight and at least double that for long-haul ones. Think of what that adds up to on an annual basis.

    Today at MRO Europe at 11:35, representatives from AEA, SustainAvia and the European GreenSkies Alliance will be discussing the impact of the European ETS scheme. This panel should provide lots of interesting views and discussion.

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