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    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 4:12 PM on Sep 24, 2009

    Here are a few quotes from speakers at the last conference session at MRO Europe.

    Bill Millhaem, general manager material solutions and CFM, GE Aviation: GE is investing a lot in new repairs, used material and R&D to help customers' cost of ownership. He also said he's starting to see positive economic signs for aviation, especially in Asia.

    Christian Tallec, VP marketing, product support & development, Air France Industries and KLM E&M: After a question about material costs, he said some OEM price escalations are helping drive the PMA market. AFI/KLM is seeing deferred maintenance from customers, like most MROs.

    Yves Melisse, EVP sales and marketing, Sabena technics: Sabena technics focuses on operators with 20-50 aircraft and has helped cut costs in some cases by doing maintenance in two shifts instead of three (three being more expensive). He sees good MRO growth in the CIS and the Middle East.

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