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  • Biggest MRO News This Week
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 2:42 PM on Feb 16, 2012

    Big aftermarket news abounds this week, the majority of it coming from the Singapore Airshow this week. To see overviews of the event, we've posted each of ShowNews issues on our Singapore Airshow homepage. I also encourage you to watch the short Singapore In Focus video that Rupa Haria created that succincntly defines the market.

    You could validly argue that many announcements were the biggest--the engine deals would garner that most revenue--but you also could say the OEMs increasing involvement in the aftermarket is further raising airline and independent MROs ire. That debate clearly will be a big one the rest of this year and beyond. Then there's the cooperative agreements and workforce recruiting and retaining.... 

    What do you think? While the Lion Air orders got a lot of press, what do you believe were the most surprising news announcements this week? 

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