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  • Heico Sees Delta/Northwest as PMA Positive
    Posted by Frank Jackman 2:00 AM on Dec 19, 2008

    Northwest Airlines traditionally has not been as keen on PMA parts as Delta, but Eric Mendelson, who runs the PMA component of Heico Corp., said today he believes the merger of the two airlines will be good for Heico. "I think there is a lot of opportunity for us," Mendelson said during Heico's earnings conference call. He said Delta historically has been a very strong Heico customer and is under contract to buy a large group of Heico PMAs, and that he expects Delta management to share PMA opportunities and best practices with their Northwest brethren. "I think that should be to our benefit."

    Heico now has gotten FAA PMA approval on more than 7,000 parts, including 450 in the year ended Oct. 31, which is more than management expected for the year. Looking ahead, Mendelson said Heico's R&D department is targeting 500 PMAs for year ending Oct. 31, 2009.

    Heico reportedrecord breaking sales, operating income and net income for the quarter ended Oct. 31, 2008, its fiscal fourth quarter, and for the year ended Oct. 31.

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