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  • EASA Plans Retaliation, Senate Introduces Its FAA Bill
    Posted by Elyse Moody 3:04 PM on Jul 15, 2009

    In his story "EASA Considers Retaliation Over FAA Reauthorization Bill," available here on AWIN's MRO Channel (subscribers only), my colleague Bill Burchell references a letter EASA Executive Director Patrick Goudou recently wrote to Daniel Crespo, director of air tranport for the European Commission.

    You can see the full letter here, via the Aeronautical Repair Station Association's website. 

    In this letter, Goudou describes 'retaliatory measures' EASA will consider if U.S. Congress passes the version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill that was passed by the House in May. 

    The U.S. Senate yesterday released its own version of the bill, which retains the mandate for twice-annual U.S. inspections of foreign repair stations. However, Aviation DAILY today reports that its proponents in the Senate don't expect backlash from Europe:

    "However, the bill’s authors say they 'don't expect...to have a problem with Europe' over the bill, and they suggested they will exclude regions like this from the inspection requirement." (DAILY, July 15)

    Exactly what this means for Europe, and for the as-yet-unratified U.S.-EU bilateral, remains to be seen. Check back here for updates on the bill's progress in the Senate.

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