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  • Hawker's CASA by the "Beech"
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 2:17 PM on Mar 03, 2011

    Today at Avalon Hawker Beechcraft announced that its Hawker 4000 super-midsize business jet has received type certification from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia.  A CASA by the Beech is always nice.  

    The composite fuselage Hawker can fly 3,280 nautical miles and cruise speeds up to Mach .84.

    “There is growing interest in the Hawker 4000 throughout the Asia-Pacific market,” said Dan Keady, HBC vice president, South Asia Pacific. “The aircraft is an ideal fit for people who need to make transcontinental missions, while providing the systems and range to reach into South East Asia,” he added.

    Hawker Beechcraft has a global network of more than 100 factory-owned and authorized service centers.


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