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  • Teardown Report #32: Right Tool for the Job
    Posted by KristinMajcher 4:20 PM on Feb 24, 2012

    Hello faithful Turnaround Time readers! I hope you’re having a productive Friday and getting ready for the upcoming weekend.

    I have an exciting announcement to start off this week’s Teardown. We just got word that Aviation Week has won a BtoB Magazine Social Media Marketing Award in the “Best Use of Mobile” category for our Paris Air Show mobile app! The AvWeek team spent months perfecting the app, which served as an invaluable tool for show attendees looking to stay current with all of the happenings at Le Bourget. Its maps, list of exhibitor booths, breaking news feeds and list of after hours events has revolutionized the way that attendees experience air shows.

    Our community manager Rupa first blogged about the app on Things With Wings and supplied us with the first screenshots. The Paris app was AvWeek’s first foray into building a special app for a specific aviation event, and there will certainly be more to come.   

    blog post photo

    blog post photo


    Now, let’s regroup and focus on social media for mechanics. I tend to write a lot about MRO IT advancements for social networking and airline marketing efforts, as both of those areas are ripe for the use of facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. But as I was browsing the Web yesterday for information to flesh out an O&M product piece, I noticed a site called ToolSelect.com that serves as a great example of how to create a lively forum for mechanics and technicians. With a clean and straightforward design, the site allows tool users to their experiences and reviews of different products.


    blog post photo


    While the site is not aerospace-specific, it could be inspiration for aerospace distributors or even mechanics themselves to discuss how they use specific tools. It takes a catalog to the next level by allowing viewers to search for tools by brand, type or application, see how they work in a video, and then share the knowledge with their friends or co-workers.


    blog post photo


    ToolSelect.com is a third-party provider of the reviews and offers a Consumer Reports-like take on how everything from cordless power tools, to  pneumatic devices function in real-world scenarios.

    Another great thing about the tool community is how much attention the site pays to its members. After all, an independent review organization cannot function without a steady foundation of discussion from the people who use them. On this community page, ToolSelect rewards the users with participation points and even lets them customize their online “garage” with their preferred tools.

    blog post photo 

    I think that a community like this could translate well to the aerospace industry, especially when considering the amount of different tools to choose from. What do you think?


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