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  • FAA: Improper Welds Plague CF6 Fuel Nozzles
    Posted by Sean Broderick 3:23 AM on Apr 06, 2011

    Boeing 737 Classic fuselage isn't the only workhorse equipment targeted for extra scrutiny this week. FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) detailing improper repairs to GE CF6-80A, CF6-80C2 and CF6-80E1 fuel nozzles. Reported FAA:
    Following a routine maintenance check, an airplane was found with a fault message that required replacing the fuel filter. The subsequent leak check found a leaking fuel nozzle. Testing confirmed that the leak was due to an incomplete weld of the nozzle. Additional fuel nozzles repaired using the same procedure were evaluated and a number of nozzles were identified as having an incomplete weld.
    FAA said operators of affected aircraft should check serial numbers of installed fuel nozzles against a list in the SAIB. Affected nozzles should be repaired per instructions detailed in a Parker Hannifin service bulletin issued in January.

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