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  • Flat-Out Comfort on Delta
    Posted by KristinMajcher 7:03 PM on Jun 28, 2011

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    Delta's Flat-bed seats on a Boeing 777

    Weary travelers can rest easy now that Delta has finished installing those famous Business Elite flat-bed seats in its 18 intercontinental Boeing 777ER/LRs and 21 Boeing 767-400ERs. Throw in a quilted duvet, personal inflight entertainment and fine wines, and the aircraft taking you from Dubai to London turns into the Four Seasons. But before you get too comfy, just hope your comrade next door isn’t prone to snoring too loudly – you are still dozing off next to almost 50 other people, after all.


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    Delta says that it will start operating the flat seats on the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 767-400 aircraft by the end of June, with seats on the Boeing 767-300ER starting to fly in August.

    If all goes to schedule, Delta’s entire wide-body international fleet will have the seats by the end of 2013.With 45 Business Elite seats on each Boeing 777 and 21 on the Boeing 767-400ER, that’s quite a lot of napping. Aircraft with these seats fly routes to Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Tokyo and Sydney.

    So, faithful readers, would you choose Delta for your next flight abroad just for the seats? How does this business class configuration with those of other airlines?

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