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  • [Updated] AFRA Posts Best Practices for Aircraft Recycling
    Posted by KristinMajcher 1:50 PM on Apr 19, 2012


    Update: Martin Todd of AFRA gave us some new information about what the new part of the BMP guide is all about. He says that the new guide is about recycling aircraft materials, while this initial guide from 2009 focused on dismantling parts and engines. Todd says that this new guide will be incorporated into the older document outlining how to treat parts and engines in a dismantling, doubling the size of the overall document.

     Todd explains more about what the materials BMP will entail and how it contains to voices of more than just materials recyclers to weigh in on the best practices.

      “It deals specifically with the segregation of materials, the mutilation of materials, how materials are recovered,” he says. “The processes, practices, documentation and training programs specifically of material recyclers--these can now be examined through an independent audit, hence ELG Metals and Huron Valley Fritz West being accredited under the new BMP. This would just have not been able to happen under the older 2009 guide. So even though the new guide will be incorporated into the basic structure of the old one, it is new. It's taken about a year to develop with aircraft manufacturers, parts disassemblers, OEMs and others being involved in developing the guide, so it is not just materials recyclers deciding what is best practice.” 

    The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association is adding to an online guide with best practices for managing used aircraft parts during a disassembly. The association announced the guide at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries convention in Las Vegas. You can download the 2009 document here at AFRA’s web site (AFRA is planning to incorporate the new guidelines for materials recycling into the document, essentially doubling it.) 

    The disassembly guide includes instructions for managing parts that come off of an aircraft that has reached the end of its life and how to dispose of them. Some of the topics include: what a disassembly facility should contain and how it should function, procedures for internal audits, tagging assets, storing parts and record keeping.

    Companies looking to manage assets from aircraft undergoing disassembly can use the guide to apply for best management practices accreditation from the association. So far, ELG Metals and Huron Valley Fritz West have received the first accreditations under the program. 

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