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  • Banking on partnerships
    Posted by Elyse Moody 9:13 PM on Mar 01, 2011

    Today Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance announced it inked a long-term deal with Philippine Airlines fully covering MRO activities on the GE90 engines that power PAL's Boeing 777-300ERs -- from on-site and on-wing maintenance to shop visits, component support, spare engines and engineering support.

    PAL is one of many airlines in the emerging SE Asia region to choose to contract out a big chunk of its maintenance. While it's a well-established carrier (founded around mid-century), its new colleagues -- mainly low-cost start-ups -- have likewise chosen to send their maintenance work out.

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    IndoPelita, the MRO arm of Indonesian carrier Pelita Air Services, has Indonesian and Philippine certification for heavy checks on BAe 146 and RJ-series aircraft, and this year will submit applications for EASA and FAA certifications. [Photo credit: IndoPelita]

    Aviation Week's Singapore-based senior editor Leithen Francis explores this new breed of carriers and their maintenance preferences in this month's issue of Overhaul & Maintenance. You can read the full article here.

    Leithen astutely points out that: "Carriers are preparing to launch operations in an effort to capitalize on the next travel boom, but because these start-ups are small, each will be relying heavily on outside parties for line and heavy maintenance."

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