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  • Emirates Engineering Quite Impressive
    Posted by Frank Jackman 6:54 AM on Jan 21, 2009

    DUBAI -- I had the opportunity Tuesday to tour the huge, squeaky clean Emirates Engineering facility here in Dubai in advance of AVIATION WEEK's MRO Middle East, which started this morning. The Emirates facility is seven football pitches (translation: soccer fields) long by three football pitches wide and features seven hangars large enough to accommodate A380s. Not all the hangars are currently used for heavy maintenance. At least one is used for line maintenance and another for casualty work, but heavy base maintenance is slowly taking over the facility. In addition to the large hangars, the facility has substantial backshop capability and Emirates does most of its own maintenance, including, to varying degrees, on all the engines it operates. What little engine work is not done here is shipped back to the OEM. Interesting factoid of the day: each Emirates aircraft coming out of a C check is hand-polished by a team of 10 people. I gotta think that when the first A380 comes in for a C check in mid-2010 that they're going to have to make the polishing teams bigger.

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