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  • Goodrich Drops 260 Pounds
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 2:12 PM on Jan 20, 2011

    In the spirit of New Year’s weight loss resolutions, Goodrich just introduced a new, lighter-weight, main wheel and brake assembly for Boeing 777-200LR, 777 Freighter, and 777-300ERs. The new configuration drops 260 pounds (118 kg) per airplane.  That translates to reduced fuel costs for 777 operators. The new equipment is now standard on 777 airplanes delivered with Goodrich equipment, and is available in the aftermarket.

    The new assemblies are approved by Boeing, and can be mixed with existing Goodrich wheel and brake assemblies for the 777-200LR, 777 Freighter, and 777-300ER. In addition, Goodrich alleges that the new brake has a 35% brake life advantage over competitive products thanks to DURACARB carbon brake disk material.

    Jim Wharton, Goodrich Vice President of Sales and Program Management, Aircraft Wheels & Brakes said, "This is another example of our commitment to continuously improve the products and services we provide to our airline customers. The introduction of these new Boeing 777 wheels and brakes will allow our existing and future customers to realize weight and fuel savings and reduce their cost of operation."

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