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  • The Butterfly Effect of 50 Million A320 Take-Offs and Landings
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 10:42 AM on Jul 05, 2010

    Recently Airbus celebrated its A320 family achieving over 50 million take-offs and landings since the first model entered commercial service in 1988. Over this period, A320s have carried in excess of five billion people. With ten take-offs every minute, they have become ubiquitous.

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    Photo courtesy:  Airbus – A320 Family

    According to John Leahy, Airbus chief operating officer, customers. “We are investing at least 100 million euros a year in the A320 Family in order to maintain it as the world’s most modern and fuel efficient aircraft family that will continue to bring people together for the decades to come.”

    This service milestone is good news for OE suppliers such as Goodrich who also have a stake in the aftermarket.  Goodrich content on the A320 includes: nacelle systems; flight controls; wheels and brakes; engine components; electrical generation equipment; air data sensors and systems; cabin attendant seating; ice detection and protection systems; heated floor panels; and lighting systems all of which need to be maintained and serviced as the global fleet of A320 ages.  All those take-offs and landings are music to Goodrich’s ears.


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